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Published on:September 23, 2013Author:The Debt Advisor

Are you struggling to keep up with monthly payments due to a short fall of cash each month? The Debt Advisor Ltd has come up with a number of top tips to help individuals manage their cash each month.

Food shopping 

1. Be organised – make a shopping list before you head to the shops to ensure you don’t stray off and buy unnecessary items spending unnecessary money.

2. Look out for special offers, opt for supermarkets own brand for a cheaper option.

3. Make the most of your food; cook in bulk and divide the meals up for nights of the week. You could also save up to £50 a month if you take a packed lunch to work rather than buy food.

Planning ahead not only saves you time but can cut costs everywhere; instead of take-outs and restaurant visits, make sure you have home cooked ready meals to cut those cravings after late nights at work.


4. If you can, change your car for a smaller engine/ fuel efficient model. Many new cars are now very fuel efficient and have little or even no road tax along with a cheaper insurance, saving you money everywhere.

5. If you often get the train or bus, look into whether a bus pass or railcard could save you money on your travels.

Cutting back in certain areas including bills, fuel and unnecessary home packages can add up to a pretty great saving each month.


6. Make sure to compare your energy costs through comparison website or going direct to each, you might end up finding yourself a much better deal.

7. Little changes here and there like using your dryer as little as possible and keeping the lights off can really cut down your spending.

8. Don’t be afraid to haggle with your providers, internet, TV, phone line… You may be able to get a good family deal or free packages.

Bring in the extra cash where you can

9. Got any spare junk lying around? Things you don’t use anymore? Things you’ve never used? Get rid of them! Ebay, Gumtree or maybe even a car boot sale could boost your income.

10. Have you got a spare room? Maybe you could get in a lodger, or a friend who’s in need of somewhere to live… This could potentially bring you in an extra £300 – £350 a month.

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