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Solutions such as IVAs may not be suitable in all circumstances. Fees may apply and debt solutions will affect your credit rating. There is no charge for the initial call and advice, and you are under no obligation to proceed. *Up to 80% is based on an IVA solution.

We are proud of our 5* Trustpilot reviews

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Individuals and business owners will receive the most comprehensive debt advice and support. A personal approach to your debt problems.

Why choose The Debt Advisor?

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We provide the most comprehensive debt advice and support for individuals and business owners. Our experienced team offers a personal approach to finding solutions to your debt challenges.
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What we do differently​
For customers facing large debt, The Debt Advisor offers the most appropriate advice to individuals struggling with debt issues. Taking an individual approach, the most complex debt problems have been solved over a 20 year period. The Debt Advisor has demonstrated expert knowledge, quality standards and high levels of customer support.
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* Example of an IVA case from 2023, typical debt write-off in an IVA ranges from 25-75% and is subject to the debt solution chosen and may not apply in all circumstances.


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Old monthly payment


New monthly payment


Debt write off

We are proud of our 5* Trustpilot reviews

July 2024, Lauren

Highly Recommend – Connor Hargreaves was extremely helpful!! I contacted the debt advisor to combine all my debt into 1 payment so it was more manageable for me, Connor spent a hour on the phone with me & was very helpful, he ensured i understood all information given to me which left me reassured and satisfied once the plan was arranged. He was able to fulfil my request and put me on a DMP, this has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. Highly recommend, Thankyou so much for your help Connor.

July 2024, Lucas

Feeling lost and not knowing what to do anymore and these guys have talked me through many solutions to my problems where I saw none and I feel like maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s all thanks to these guys

July 2024, Vissi

Andrew Shepherd spent 2 hours on the phone talking to me, explaining everything and giving me good advice on what I qualify for. And because I am new to these things he was incredibly patient and I felt completely reassured at the end. Thank you very much.

July 2024, Alan

IVA for very large credit card debt…. I had a large credit card debt and was barely able to pay the interest. I heard about IVA’s and did some research. I contacted 4 different companies and chose The Debt Advisor. The reason was the good reviews and my first contract was with Andrew Shepherd. Andrew was very good. After speaking about my opinions I thought a IVA would be best. I forwarded the information they required and that was it. I was given a date for the IVA meeting with my creditors and the received a call to say my IVA was approved. I would recommend The Debt Advisor to any body with money problems.

July 2024, Chris

Very helpful and understanding. I can’t recommend the debt advisor more, I have been struggling for a while with my debts and suffer from Anxiety & depression and it got a lot worse and felt embarrassed to reach out for help. I had Andrew go through the whole process with me step by step and it feels like a massive weight off my shoulders.

July 2024, Lucy

I really struggled to know what to do when I needed help getting out of debt and it was causing a lot of stress and upset. But after seeing all the good reviews left about Andrew Shepherd I gave him a try and he was nothing short of amazing. He was sensitive to the situation I was in and made sure I had all of the options and information I needed to improve my finances, regardless of if I took his help. However I did and he has been able to put all of my debts into an affordable monthly payment that will allow me to be debt free at a rate I can afford. Taking the confusion and stress away.

July 2024, Chelsea

Would highly recommend using them. Helped me through it all and described everything to me. Help me put all my debt into one affordable payment.

June 2024, Mr Greer

Didn’t expect anyone to be there but there was and that was 7-8pm. Was advised of my options and dealt with immediately. Just need to get information for tomorrow to get things going. Excellent advice.

June 2024, Mr Powell

Struggling with debt. Spoke with advisor and options explained and the most suitable opted for. Straightforward process and clearly explained. Would recommend for those struggling with debt.

June 2024, Mr Doherty

Great communication and a safe place to talk about your financial hardship. Do not judge and help every way they can.

The Debt Advisor FAQ
Can I get help today?

Contacting our team is the first step. You can call us during working hours on 0333 9999 600 or fill in a simple form here.

You will receive all the help and guidance you need to find the best debt solution. There are debt solutions to repay what you can afford with the balance written off on successful completion.

Why choose The Debt Advisor?

The Debt Advisor has a long and rich history of helping people and companies get past their debt problems. We welcome people to get acquainted with our company, history, team and to listen to the stories from the people we have helped.

Will this stop creditor contact?

Stopping creditor contact is dependant on the solution chosen, some such as an IVA, Bankruptcy or a DRO are legally binding and creditors can no longer pursue the debt.  Others like a Debt Management Plan are informal, so lack legal protections. In the vast majority of instances, we manage to stop creditor contact and interest.

If you are under immediate pressure from creditors, for example, bailiffs, it may be suitable to consider the Debt Respite Scheme, otherwise known as breathing space, a scheme introduced to allow you 60 days space without creditor action or contact whilst you assess your options for handling your debt.  We can use this to relieve pressure whilst we assess your situation and discuss the options with you.

Is the service free?

When you fill in the enquiry form or contact us, one of our debt specialists will help you to determine what you owe to your creditors, and what you can afford to pay. There is no charge for this service. All debt solutions should be very carefully considered. If you are struggling with debt issues and need advice on your options, we’ll take a look at your financial situation and explain the available options. Each solution may involve a fee.

Please take a look at the information we provide for each solution and you will see the applicable fees. There are various options that exist to help you deal with your debt problems. These include: Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), bankruptcy, debt relief orders, debt management plans, administration orders and debt consolidation (Subject to suitability and criteria). If it is appropriate to refer you to one of our trusted providers for a solution, we may get a fee for introducing you, or for the preparatory work we complete. Fees are payable if ongoing services are provided.

What solutions are available?

The Debt Advisor Ltd can advise on all debt solutions:

  • IVA
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Relief Order
  • Scottish Debt Solutions
  • Dealing Direct with Creditors
What is an IVA?

An IVA is a detailed and legally binding payment proposal to repay your debts. Our IVA team help you draft the proposals and when agreed these are sent to your creditors for them to consider. The terms of the IVA depend on what you and your creditors are likely to agree.