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Savvy ways to make some money

Published on:January 24, 2017Author:Lucyna Rynkiewicz-Jones

We are well into the swing of January and with the chaos of Christmas now well and truly over, take some time to relax.

Let yourself reflect on the past year and all the things you did and didn’t do – now is the time to prepare for the year ahead and set yourself some goals.

Spending money has become so easy and requires so little effort that often you are left wondering why your funds have run dry and it’s only a week since pay day. With just your mobile phone and your bank card, it doesn’t take long to do some serious damage.

We have come up with five savvy ways to make some money quickly or over a few months… it’s never too early to start saving for Christmas 2017!

  1. Banks will pay up to £150 if you switch your current account to them – shop around and look for a good deal, switch your account (they do the hard work for you) and wait for the money to credit your account! Some banks also offer money to refer friends and family, defiantly something to look out for!
  1. Saving up points with your store cards is a great way to make some extra cash. Sainsbury’s points can be earned in store and online, also at BP garages and if you link your nectar card to your online account. Your points add up and you can spend them on your food shopping or in Argos – great to buy Christmas presents with if you save them up over the year!
  1. Combine exercise and fresh air with making some extra money and become a dog walker! It a really flexible way to earn money. On average a dog walker can earn £10 to £15 per hour, put an advert in your local veterinary surgery or check out Tailster where people advertise as dog walkers and pet sitters.
  1. Throughout the year many schools, colleges and universities are crying out for extra invigilation staff for their exam periods. It entails getting everything set up prior to the exam and observing the students during the exam. The pay rate for invigilators is £7-£10 per hour, have a look at the job section of your local authority website for potential positions.
  1. Do you live somewhere that has an interesting history and plenty of tourists visiting? Why not sign yourself up to be a tour guide. Have a look on Trip4Real, the website allows people to book tours hosted by local people so tourists can get a locals experience and insight into the area. You can register your tour or activity there, prices can vary dependant on what you are offering, it’s a great way to earn some extra money and meet new people too!

If you find you need some help with budgeting or are worrying about problem debt, get in touch. Problem debt is debt where the monthly repayments are eating into the money you need to live on. There a range of solutions to help you deal with such debt and could include an IVA which can allow you to *write off debt which you cannot repay.

The Debt Advisor can help you set up an IVA. We will review your circumstances and offer advice on all options that might suit your needs. We will also explain how the fees are paid out of your contributions.

All debt solutions need to be carefully considered. IVA’s are formal solutions and failure to keep to the terms can result in your IVA failing and you could end up bankrupt.

There is also free debt help and advice available through a variety of debt charities. For more information, we recommend you visit

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*You would only write off debts if your IVA was successfully completed.