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Published on:February 19, 2015Author:The Debt Advisor

We were approached by a debtor who had recently been made redundant and had been through divorce proceedings. The divorce settlement had resulted in him losing his interest in the matrimonial home and he had unsecured debts of circa £80,000 with no income to maintain his monthly obligations.

A number of options were discussed and it was considered that the most appropriate option would be to propose an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (‘IVA’) to his creditors which offered creditors a full and final settlement. Bev Budsworth MD of The Debt Advisor comments, “I had reservations about creditors agreeing the offer considering the divorce settlement and also the lump sum offered was the balance of a redundancy settlement. However, I did think the offer merited putting forward to creditors together with full disclosure of the facts leading up to the individual’s current position.”

Proposals offering £11,000 in full and final settlement were sent to creditors, who unanimously agreed to this proposal, which has resulted in a return to creditors of approximately 14 pence in the pound.

Bev Budsworth adds “The facts of the case were quite specific and it cannot be assumed from this case that creditors will always accept discounted full and final settlements. However, I am pleased that creditors took a pragmatic approach and appreciated that the offer was worthy of positive consideration”.

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