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Published on:October 14, 2013Author:The Debt Advisor

According to a new survey from, 53% of women surveyed said that they had to return to work early after going on maternity leave. With statutory pay being low, many mothers are forced to return to work earlier then they would like.

Even more worrying, 23% of those asked said that their poor maternity package was to blame for getting into debt.

To compound the issue, 62% said they earned less money after coming back from maternity leave. Only 3% of those asked said they received a pay rise.

More than three-quarters of mothers said they believe their career prospects have been adversely affected by their maternity leave.

Paul Jenkins, CEO of said: “Women face countless unspoken taboos when it comes to having children and maintaining a career.

“We wanted to drill down into what women really experience, practically and financially, in the workplace when a baby appears on the scene.”

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