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Debt Level
Total initial debt: £111,724
James' company specialised in landscaping and gardening. His company suffered a number of bad debts.
Total initial debt: £290,000
Deborah had £290,000 of unsecured debt and had an IVA rejected by HMR&C
  Michael and Laura  
Total initial debt: £115,000
Michael and Laura took out a loan which was secured against their property.
  Kelly Ann  
Total initial debt: £34,500
Kelly Ann approached The Debt Advisor struggling with debts totalling £34,500
Total initial debt: £28,138
Anwar approached TDA with £28,138 of debt which included 5 credit card debts, a loan and debts owed to a supplier
Total initial debt: £16,168
My personal advisor worked wonders and was able to get my creditors to agree to a monthly affordable payment
Total initial debt: £6,500
Marek is now debt free and understands the importance of responsible borrowing and how to keep his finances under control.
  Ben and Laura  
Total initial debt: £8,432
As often happens, costs spiralled and Ben and Laura ended up with problem debts
Total initial debt: £6,325
Debts totaling £5,972.81 were successfully written off by three creditors
Total initial debt: £14,977
The Debt Advisor were able to quickly assess his situation and created a bespoke Debt Management Plan
Total initial debt: £5,275
Laura’s creditors all agreed to freeze interest and charges which meant that she  could clear her debts
Total initial debt: £6,370
Katie had a steady job as a shop assistant in the post credit crunch era
Total initial debt: £76,000
Watch Anthony’s video story with The Debt Advisor
Total initial debt: £61,636
Ethel approached The Debt Advisor with over £61,000 worth of debts.
  Alison & James  
Total initial debt: £79,124
James lost his job and during the period of unemployment they had no choice but to rely on credit cards to supplement their income.
Total initial debt: £50,809
Klaudia was struggling with unsecured debts over £50,000 made up of loans, overdrafts and credit cards.
  Ian & Nicole  
Total initial debt: £30,212
Due to the ill health of Nicole’s mother, Ian & Nicole have faced significant costs.
Total initial debt: £39,185
Ben struggled when his marriage broke down, ended up in a 1 bedroom flat, struggled with depression and began excessive drinking and spending.
Total initial debt: £13,560
Beryl started to struggle financially following the death of her mother in 2004. Her debts were incurred helping family, and over time her credit card balances continued to grow.
  Henry and Sophia  
Total initial debt: £78,911
The IVA was not easy but Henry and Sophie were able to repay a large proportion of their debt and hold onto their residential property which over the 5 years of the IVA had increased in value.
Total initial debt: £64,863
Robert had always had access to credit and was, until his company encountered trading difficulties, able to meet his debt repayments
Total initial debt: £20,829
The approval of the IVA has had a huge positive impact on Tom’s life. Tom has eaten properly, been in a position to buy clothes and has not fallen behind on any household bills
Total initial debt: £22,857
Julia has been able to stick to her budget which was devised with the help of The Debt Advisor staff and make regular repayments. Her creditors have now stopped chasing her as her affordable monthly repayment has been paid on time each month
Total initial debt: £16,333
Elizabeth was keen to avoid bankruptcy and decided to propose an IVA which offered monthly payments of £104.12 for a 5 year period which was accepted by her creditors.

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There is an alternative free-to-consumer debt services from the Money Helper.

The Debt Advisor Accreditations

There are alternative free-to-consumer debt services from the Money Helper.

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