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customer background

Klaudia was struggling with unsecured debts over £50,000 made up of loans, overdrafts and credit cards. She took out a consolidation loan of £18,000 but this still left her with around £25,000 other debts with minimum payments in excess of £500 per month.

Klaudia struggled on for a few years but ended up with even more debt as interest had been added to her loan and she had to use credit cards to fund everyday living.

Klaudia had a property she was keen to protect and was desperate to avoid bankruptcy. She was referred to The Debt Advisor Ltd and it appeared an IVA offering her surplus of £368 per month for 5 years would allow her to repay around 34% of her unsecured debt.

situation before IVA

Total Unsecured Debt


Surplus income


Monthly commitment to creditors




approved IVA solution

Monthly contributions:

48 x £368
12 x £617

(Creditors requested an additional 12 payments at the meeting of creditors)


Mortgage balance


Property worth

As the property was worth considerably less than the mortgage, it was unlikely that in year 5 of Zoe’s IVA, she would have any equity in the property and would be able to conclude her IVA after 60 months.

Total to be repaid by client


Divided accepted by creditors (per £)