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customer background

Katie had a steady job as a shop assistant but in 2009 in the post credit crunch era, she found her hours cut meaning she was facing a real problem meeting the payments on her debt of £6,370. Charges soon mounted on the 4 store cards, catalogue debt and credit card that made up her debt.

Katie’s comments

“Thank you so much for everything you achieved for me on my plan. I found the debt management plan so helpful and I am so pleased that I have cleared my debts. The Debt Advisor is thorough and professional but definitely has a very human side”.

situation before Debt Management

Total Unsecured Debt

Katie had got into the habit of using her store and credit cards when she found herself short at month end. She was very nervous about losing the use of her cards but she realised she had to do something about her debt.

approved Debt Management solution

Katie was put on a debt management plan paying her creditors around £175 per month. Most of her creditors froze interest and charges with one agreeing to reduce interest from 29% to 3% per annum
It took a while but eventually Katie got used to budgeting and with the help of TDA she cleared her debts in full over the 4 year period.