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customer background

Julia approached The Debt Advisor with £24,000 worth of debts. She had been unable to work for many years because two of her three children require full time care as they suffer from severe autism. Her ex-partner had also been living in the family home without contributing to bills and expenses, leaving Julia responsible for a number of arrears.

As time went on, Julia found it more difficult to meet her minimum repayments to the credit, and struggled to meet her rent and utility obligations. She had no choice but to seek financial advice as she couldn’t return to work. Julia buried her head further in the sand as she became more and more anxious about her financial obligations, especially as she was receiving threatening letters from creditors and regular phone calls from companies demanding payment.

Julia contacted The Debt Advisor and spoke to our team who understood her issues and her worries, and quickly identified that there would be a solution to her problems. Julia, with the help of our team, decided that an IVA would be the best option as it would allow Julia to make one, affordable monthly repayment to her debts for 5 years, with any remaining debt left at the end of the arrangement written off. The proposal was completed within two weeks and the arrangement was accepted by her creditors with Julia obligated to repay just one-third of her total debt.

Julia has been able to stick to her budget which was devised with the help of The Debt Advisor staff and make regular repayments. Her creditors have now stopped chasing her as her affordable monthly repayment has been paid on time each month.

situation before IVA

Total Unsecured Debt


Surplus Income


Monthly Commitment to Creditors




approved IVA solution

Monthly Contributions 33 x £112.59
27 x £261.75

Total to be repaid by Client


Divided to Creditors (p in the £)