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customer background

John and Linda’s financial difficulties began when Linda obtained a loan to purchase furniture and for some general household expenditures.

John and Linda’s financial situation worsened when Linda became unable to work due to needing an operation on her knee. They began to struggle to maintain their contractual repayments on top of their normal household outgoings, they started to use other forms of credit to make up the difference. As the balances grew they became less able to meet the repayments. Ian sought advice from The Debt Advisor, and started an IVA in March 2017.

After 3 years in the IVA, their financial situation changed when John lost his job. John managed to gain new employment but the salary was less and the IVA became unaffordable.

A variation meeting was held and the creditors were asked to end the IVA based on funds paid to date as there was no way of improving John and Linda’s situation. The creditors accepted the variation and now John and Linda are debt free and living within their means.

situation before IVA

Total Unsecured Debt


approved IVA solution

Monthly Contributions £100 x 38


Additional Income




Total paid towards debts


Total debt written off by creditors