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customer background

Alice contacted The Debt Advisor after the company who were looking after her debt management plan ceased to operate. Alice had struggled for some time with serious ill health which included mental health issues.

Alice originally incurred her debt was due to her working night shifts as a nursing officer, she found she had no time to shop and turned to catalogues to buy the things she needed. Alice suffered a stroke and was unable to continue working and had to live on benefits.

Alice’s debt level when she contacted us was just above £5,000. After going through her income and expenditure, it was clear that after catering for her reasonable living needs, she had very little surplus and it was clear that her circumstances were unlikely to change for the better.

It was evident that Alice would benefit from looking into a Debt Relief Order. She qualified with the criteria in that:-

  • Her unsecured debts were less than £20,000 and
  • She lived in rented accommodation and did not have assets, excluding her household items and personal belongings, that were worth more than £1,000 and
  • Her surplus after taking into account her reasonable outgoings was less than £50 per month.

situation before Debt Relief Order

Total Unsecured Debt

Debts were written off.

approved Debt Relief Order solution

The advisory team referred Alice to a charitable organisation that are licensed to submit applications for DRO’s. Alice was hugely relieved that she had finally obtained sensible advice and her DRO was approved. Alice’s circumstances did not change and her debts were written off 12 months after her DRO was approved.

The only cost to Alice was the application fee of £90 and she did not have any contributions to pay to her creditors.