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customer background

Marek , a bus driver living in the North of England found himself in a situation where due to reduced income he was struggling with debts of just short of £6,500 which included 2 credit cards, 2 store cards and an overdraft.

Marek’s comments:

“I have struggled greatly with debt since living in England. Getting myself out of this problem has been very difficult. Now I am with the Debt Advisor I have someone to talk with in my own language, the picture is now so much clearer now. I am thankful for all the hard work and guidance provided by The Debt Advisor. Again, thank you so much”.

situation before Debt Management

Total Unsecured Debt

Marek had sought help from previous debt management companies when he first found himself with reduced income in 2012. His experience of dealing with these companies was not great especially as one of them simply ceased to trade and the other failed to communicate with his creditors. He had also struggled to communicate with these companies as his English was not great, Marek is  Polish.

approved Debt Management solution

Marek was so relieved when he was referred to the TDA Polish team in February 2015. He was now able to communicate with a Polish advisor. Marek opted for a debt management plan paying £150 per month but this has now increased to £200 per month. All of his creditors have frozen interest and charges. In the last 6 months Since February 2015 his debts have reduced from £6,423 to £5,717.

Dealing with debt in another language can be a daunting prospect. After deciding upon a Debt Management plan, Marek felt he was now able to see how his debt could be repaid in a reasonable period of time. Dealing with his creditors effectively was a huge relief as can be seen from his comments below.

Marek’s debt is now under control and with interest and charges frozen, he can see the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”.