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In January 2017 I suffered a heart attack and was at high risk of suffering further attacks. The attack left me feeling very poorly and unable to manage to meet my payments into the plan.
The debt management team at The Debt Advisor asked her creditors to suspend my plan. During this process the team became aware of another debt I had of £4,200. I had been making payments directly to the creditor. All creditors agreed to freeze action and the team stayed in touch to get regular updates.

I was asked to provide evidence of my illness including how my mental health was effecting my ability to function. The team offered to provide the evidence to creditors plus updated my income and expenditure and requested that creditors write off the debt as it was evident that I did not have any assets or surplus income to cover my debt payments.


situation before Debt Management

Total Unsecured Debt


approved Debt Management solution

Three of the debts have been written off totalling £5143.50. We are waiting on decisions from the remaining two.